Not long ago, the average lifespan was around 40 years old. Why should we currently accept a lifespan in the 80's or 90's? Why not a minimum of 120 and beyond! Our health is ultimately determined by the health of millions of cells that make up our bodies which naturally decline over time. In addition, factors like environmental toxins, stress, and poor nutrition contribute to further metabolic breakdown. By helping our bodies carry out vital cellular and metabolic processes, we can detoxify and repair at the most fundamental and important level to achieve optimal health.

Roger Green Founder and Director


The Dynamics of Longevity

The Academy Healing Nutrition and Breakthru-Technologies LLC, has a long history in the dynamics of longevity and telomere studies. We have been teaching our practitioner training in the Longevity Diet and Natural Healing for over 30 years. We are now based in New York City, and have also been instrumental in bringing the state of art Theraphi plasma health device to the marketplace.

Creating the Telostep product took over 5 years of research and development. It has many beneficial properties and is truly a one of a kind supplement with exceptional properties. Extending cell lifespan and slowing the development of age-related diseases by increasing the telomere length has been observed in many studies

Pure Cycloastragenol

The active ingredient in Telostep, Cycloastragenol is a compound with solid human data showing its effects on telomere length. It activates telomerase enzymes which help to repair and rebuild telomeres at the end of DNA. As we age our telomeres shorten and this is associated with many aliments. Telostep healthfully stimulates powerful "anti-aging" effects.

Cycloastragenol is a saponin derived from the Astragaloside IV molecule extracted from astragulus root, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years for slowing the aging process. Similar in structure to the Astragaloside IV molecule, but smaller, and more bioavailable. (This gives cycloastragenol 20 to 30 times greater telomerase activation than Astragaloside IV.)

Clinical Trials

In mice there has been the opportunity to see the impact of telomerase activation on lifespan (one study found a 12% to 24% increase) and the opportunity to look at mouse organs and observe that organs of elder mice with telomerase activation where much healthier and larger than those without.

For humans cycloastragenol has not yet been around long enough for lifespan studies. But some humans have been taking this active ingredient for 8 or 9 years. And there are some impressive results so far

The first human results were with human cells in the lab. Human cells given cycloastragenol were able to replicate beyond the normal Hayflick limit. This is a very important result because it indicates that cycloastragenol is doing precisely what it is supposed to do: allow cells to divide a greater number of times.

Two human studies have been done with cycloastragenol. In the first, completed in 2013, 30 people took cycloastragenol for a year and compared a battery of tests before and after. These tests were the typical tests that are associated with aging such as insulin levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. All 30 people in the test improved in these indicators instead of the usual expected decline.

In 2016 a double blind study was conducted with 97 people over the course of a year. The participants were divided into a control group taking a placebo and a group taking cycloastragenol. Over the course of the 12 months the control group lost 290 base pairs of average telomere length while the cycloastragenol group increased 533 base pairs compared to the control group.

In addition to these studies there are many anecdotal accounts of improvements with cycloastragenol. These accounts tend to fall into patterns with different people experiencing different results depending on what parts of their bodies may be telomere limited, but with whatever benefits they experience typically falling into the pattern of benefits that other people have experienced in the past.

Telostep is part of the super longevity protocol taught by the Academy Healing Nutrition which includes:

  • The Longevity Diet
  • Tonic Herbs and Superfoods of Longevity
  • Mindfulness, exercise and positive life strategies
  • The Theraphi Device which creates a cascade of frequencies using a bio-active field to enhance the telomeres www.Theraphi.Tech

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Testimonials and Feedback

"I have stopped using glasses for long distance vision assistance, with rare exceptions, eg night driving in bad weather."

“Much improved cardiovascular fitness at rest and while exercising. Breathing comes easier and is less strained.”

“I feel more hungry most of the time, and certain items have definitely improved. My overall eyesight has improved dramatically. My skin texture appears to have improved. My energy level is very high and I sleep less. My clarity of thought has improved. My inner self feels calm.”

“I have noted that I can put my hands behind my back. This helps when I slide my belt into the grooves of my trousers behind my back. I also notice when I'm sitting in the passenger side of the car. I can reach for my seat belt with no pain or effort. I'm pleased with the results so far.”

“My vision has improved and people say I am looking younger.”

“I noticed that while I usually go for the mail in the adjacent apartment building walking rapidly both ways, I did not have to slow down on my return, which I usually had to do. I do not have to slow down anymore.”

“I get a better night's sleep.”

“On an overall basis I feel good about what appears to be transpiring.”

“Overall much improved hearing. Even greater hearing improvement for high pitched sounds. Wonderful ability to hear more subtle resonance in voices and instruments.”

“Vision improvement, hearing improvement, much more elasticity and some muscle improvement, very little exercise but a slow pulse rate, 60, low blood pressure 120+ over 70+, an overall feeling of well being, and optimistic.”

“After three months on Telostep, I have improved my hearing acuity. Previously, with hearing aids, I used to turn the TV volume up from zero to 10 or higher. Now I can listen to the voice at the levels of 2,3 and 4.”

“I have noticed less ringing in the ears. It is a relief.”

“I now have better distance vision overall and better focus across the whole field of view for distance vision. No longer squinting. Everything is just in focus.”

“A lower back pain I had for years suddenly disappeared.”

“I was starting to get a slight shaking of my right hand when holding a cup of coffee, which seems to have ceased after Telostep.”

“Generally I have been in good spirits and in well being with the capsules. Some friends thought I was six years younger than I am.”

“I only have to hold books half as far away to read them without reading glasses. So my reading vision is improved, but not yet all the way.”

“Since taking Telostep, my appetite has been ferocious. On the other hand I do not appear to be gaining weight.”

“High blood pressure induced red dots on my ankles disappeared (they were there for 20+ years).”

“I continue to have feelings of well being attributable to Telostep.”

"I sat down at my computer and took off my distance glasses, and before I switched to my reading glasses, I suddenly realized I could read the small print on the posters I have on the facing wall.”

“Less inflammation and fewer headaches. Less stiff shoulders. More relaxed and less stiff back. Less fat and more muscle. Improved skin elasticity. Even though less fat overall, more fat in earlobes and face, less gaunt, as in youth.”

“It appears that the liver spots on the back of my hands are fading significantly. My left hand more than my right.”

“Improved fingernails that grow faster. Having to trim them more often may not be a benefit, but having them be healthier is.”

“This has improved my clarity of thought. My thoughts get more muddled whenever I stop taking Telostep for longer periods of time.”

“Have you been able to discover a memory improvement of Telostep? I joined a World Language Cafe where we find a table to speak a foreign language. I joined a German table and discovered that I could remember about 10 German poems or expressions that I haven't used since 1945.”

“One upper tooth and one lower molar was bothering me. The dentist admitted that he partially botched the root canal job on the upper tooth and that I had some decay on the molar under the cap. I tend to stall regarding going to the dentist. I started the Telostep, and the pains were 90+% relieved. When I temporarily stopped the Telostep, the pain came back. Since restarting Telostep, the pain is 98% gone.”

“I am reading heavy works for longer periods which I also attribute to Telostep.”

“Better vision in low light. Brighter, clearer colors.”

“I think that I am less prone to illness since taking Telostep.”

“Better overall feeling of good health.”