News has got around about your DNA telomeres, and how important they are to a long healthy life. However, now everybody seems to be saying their product is a telomere enhancer, which is misleading.

Other products may slow down the wear & tare, but the only CLINICALLY proven molecule that actually extends and repairs the telomeres by producing the "telomerase enzyme" is the active ingredient in Telostep called Cycloastragenol.

Cycloastragenol is the only significant compound with solid human data demonstrating its effects on telomere length. While antioxidants, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can all slow down telomere loss, only Cycloastragenol has been proven to actually increase telomere length in humans.

Slowing down telomere loss is not the same as adding length, which is why there is nothing like Cycloastragenol on the planet.

Our dosage is just right (the latest research validates this, there is no point in taking expensive high dosages) and our unique delivery system means the maximum amount of the active ingredients are getting into your DNA (by-passing stomach acid and spreading the formula throughout the intestinal tract)

Consider these points in comparing our product to others

Others have a low dose (a waste of time) and others have too much dosage (a waste of money)
Our product has 7 mg of the active ingredient - just right!
We have a high quality PURE cycloastragenol
Check purity levels as they are often at only 80%
Telostep is 98 %, the highest advanced technology can achieve, tested twice
Telostep has an acid resistant formula enabling a strong delivery system which is most often not available from inferior products.
And bottom line- our price is the best on the market

Remember, cycloastragenol is the only proven molecule that activates the telomarase enzyme.
Some products might help to slow down the aging process, but Telostep can actually help to reverse it!